You know how to manufacture, we do the rest

Established to provide Spanish manufacturers with a fresh approach to building new markets and sales abroad, and help overseas firms to find good sources of products and services in Spain.

TACEX - ASESORÍA DE COMERCIO EXTERIOR is an Agency serving the overseas trading needs of businesses of all sizes, status and from all sectors.

TACEX provides support in all aspects of International Trading:

  • Information on international markets
  • Opportunities to make contact with overseas companies
  • Elaboration of market research
  • Access to the World Wide Web and identification of the most valuable sites
  • Assistance on how to tackle international marketing
  • Professionals experienced in regulations and standards
  • Exchange rates

It is not only larger companies who can benefit from TACEX. Small businesses that have not yet thought about exporting can now get help to explore business opportunities overseas.

Launching a new foreign trade venture can be risky. At TACEX, we don't just dispense advice, we launch companies into foreign markets using our total package of international marketing and operational services. From researching the best market opportunities to developing a thorough marketing strategy, finding top agents and distributors, controlling costs, setting up a complete logistics system and arranging secure international financing, TACEX provides its clients with a complete, cost-effective export solution.

Whether you are a manufacturer looking for buyers or a buyer looking for manufactured goods, TACEX can find it, buy it, sell it, ship it. We will find any product you seek by searching markets worldwide, and will oversee your purchase from the manufacturer's warehouse all the way until it reaches your destination.

Our objective is to help you in bridging the cultural and language gaps, to assist you in establishing good, solid and reputable contacts; and to facilitate all your business processes.

  • Reduction of banking costs
  • Information on exports opportunities
  • Banking requirements in import-export operations
  • Advice on payment guaranties
  • Other means of financing: Leasing, forfaiting, confirming and factoring

Our services include:

  • Preparation of business plan
  • Market studies and research
  • Location of suitable partners
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Acting as agents
  • Import / export of goods and services
  • Providing a guide to a banking mechanism which allows
  • Importers to offer secure terms to exporters

We offer:

  • Personal and individualised service
  • Ample knowledge of banking practices
  • Written correspondence and translations
  • Financing options
  • Dealing with Financial Institution and Government Offices
  • Information regarding foreign companies and references
  • Locating of adequate International Trade Exhibitions
  • Knowledge of International Trade Regulations
  • Referal for subventions
  • Information on schemes helping exporting companies
  • Advice regarding credit insurance

Customer Service is our priority. We are here to assist and support your business. Contact us with any enquiries.

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